Two days in Andros: Achla beach

Two days in Andros: what to visit

As Andros is the closest Cycladic island to Athens, it is an ideal destination for a short trip or weekend break. The ferry from Rafina port, in north eastern Attica, takes only two hours to reach the scenic port of Gavrio in Andros island and the schedules are very frequent, about 3-4 times per day.

Andros is a lovely relaxing island, renowned for its stunning beaches, long history, verdant landscape and genuine Greek hospitality.

Two days in Andros are enough to see its core attractions and to have an amazing and interesting holiday. There are many beautiful coves, traditional villages and significant historical sights to visit. Stay in lovely studios close to the wonderful Golden Beach and start your exploration from there.

First day in Andros: see the western side

Two days in Andros: Batsi port

One great way to plan your two days in Andros is to divide the island into two parts, the western and eastern side. Discover the peaceful western part of the island and its treasures on the first day, starting with Batsi village.

Batsi, a former fishing village, is a major cosmopolitan tourist resort with many facilities, accommodation and restaurants, found along the promenade. Traditional red-tiled houses are built amphitheatrically around a picturesque marina, giving a special charm to the town. In Batsi you will also encounter a marvelous golden sandy beach. It is long, with shallow waters, and organized with taverns, cafes, shops and exciting water sports.

Between the port of Gavrion and Batsi, there is also the popular Agios Petros beach, famous for the cylindrical Tower of Agios Petros, or Saint Peter, built in the 4th-3rd century BC, which is situated on the hills about the beach. You should not miss visiting this amazing, unorganized shore, surrounded by mountainous scenery. Its shallow waters make it ideal for families.

Second day: see the eastern side

Two days in Andros: Achla beach

Start your second day in Andros with a charming stroll around the attractive Chora, the capital of the island. Andros Chora is an elegant small town, traditional in its own way, presenting a harmonious blend of Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Cycladic architecture. It is also a modern resort, bustling with restaurants, tourist shops, bars and clubs along the promenade or on large open squares.

A walk around Chora includes visiting interesting museums, like Modern Art Museum and Maritime Museum, and impressive old churches, admiring works of art, such as the statue of the Unknown Sailor, passing through narrow paved streets and stone walkways past Neoclassical buildings, and having a lively or lounge drink in the evening.

From Chora visitors can also access the two wonderful Andros beaches, namely Achla beach and Tis Grias to Pidima beach, both secluded and untouched. These beaches can be reached by boat or jeep. Achla is famous for its calm waters, shiny pebbles and a river at its end, which creates a biotope with trees. The beach Tis Grias to Pidima is mostly known for its wild nature.