Festivals in Andros island Greece

Religious and cultural festivals in Andros

Apart from an island with traditional architecture and beautiful beaches, Andros is also a place with interesting local culture. There are many religious and cultural festivals in Andros that take place all year round. Most cultural festivals on the island take place in summer, when many visitors come for holidays and may attend them. In this article, we shall present the most important festivals in Andros.

Festivals in Andros island Greece

# Religious festivals

There are many religious festivals, also called panigiria, in Andros island. Actually almost every church there organizes a festival on the name day of its saint. This festival includes a Holy Mass for the dedicated saint and occasionally a litany around the village or around the church. In case of important saints, the festival may last for 2 days and includes traditional music and dancing in the village square.

Important religious festivals in Andros are:
– on August 15th, the day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, where many panigiria take place around the island. A famous panigiri is at the church of Virgin Mary in Korthi
– on July 27th, the name day of Saint Panteleimon, at the Monastery of Panachrantou
– on June 29th at the village of Kato Agios Petros, in short distance from our holiday accommodation in Andros
– on August 6th, the Transfiguration Day, at the villages of Kato Fellos and Arni
– on August 29th, at the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Paleopolis
– on September 17th, at the church of Agia Sofia in Ano Gavrio

# Cultural festivals

Many cultural festivals and exhibitions take place every summer in Andros. The most important exhibition is the temporary exhibition that organizes the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art in Chora, which is different every summer. An important cultural event is Ploes Festival, taking place at Kydonieos Foundation in Chora and including painting exhibitions, musical concerts and other art events.

In summer 2015, a new festival started in Andros, the International Film Festival, which will continue as an institution for the island. This film festival takes place in August at the new theatre in the heart of Chora and hosts film screenings as well as concerts and theatre performances.