Best Beaches in Andros

Our best beaches in Andros

Andros island is one of the largest and most beautiful Cycladic islands. It is located close to Athens and thus constitutes a very popular destination for Athenians and international tourists. Andros stands out for its incredible variant green landscape, with high mountains and deep valleys, and also with elegant architecture. Its coastline is beautifully rugged, creating large and small bays with golden sand and amazing waters.

An island with relaxing atmosphere, Andros has many stunning beaches that vary in style. There are organized and secluded bays, ideal for swimming, sunbathing or sports, like windsurfing, which can be reached by car or boat.

Most beaches in Andros are in close proximity to picturesque villages with comfortable Andros accommodation and facilities, but there are some remote coves with very difficult access. The most beautiful, popular or off-the-beaten track, beaches are found on the western and northern sides of the island. Here are our suggestions for best beaches in Andros.

Popular Beaches

Best beaches in Andros: Batsi beach

The most popular beach resort in Andros is Batsi. This is a highly developed tourist resort with amazing spots to swim along its coast. Batsi is an organized beach, offering a wide range of facilities, from taverns and sunbeds to exciting water sports. The waters are shallow and the sand is golden and soft, making the place ideal for families with children too.

The equally famous Golden Beach, or Chrissi Ammos, is found between Gavrio and Batsi. Its soft sand and blue seawater make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Andros. It is organized and has few water sports. The central location of the beach provides easy access to tourist amenities, restaurants, bars and Andros accommodation, so it is very popular among friends and families.

Another worth visiting beach is Agios Petros, situated at the end of the scenic and seaside village of Agios Petros. A calm and exotic beach, it is found only 3km far from the island’s main port, Gavrio, and offers amazing scenery with green mountainous and rough hills. The water is crystal clear and cool, providing a refreshing swim after sunbathing.

Windsurfing beach: Ormos Beach

Best beaches in Andros: Ormos Korthiou beach

Distinguishing for the nice setting, Ormos Beach in Ormos Korthiou is the best spot in Andros for windsurfing. The water is clear and the beach is affected by winds that create strong waves, ideal for water sports. There are only few cafes and taverns along the coast, but the beach is not fully organized.

Off the beaten track beaches

Best Beaches in Andros: Grias to Pidima beach

Apart from organized resorts and beaches with modern facilities, Andros is also lined up with secluded bays, renowned for their sapphire waters and wonderful scenery. The most famous is the beach called Grias to Pidima, which means the jump of the old lady, referring to an old woman that threw herself off a cliff in that area during the Ottoman occupation. This beach is actually a sandy cove with excellent crystal waters and a characteristic high rock.

Among the most beautiful beaches in Andros off the beaten track are Ahla, Vitali, Vlychada and Megali Peza, but they are all difficult to reach. The roads leading to these beaches are not well-paved and, in many cases, they are very far from any village or accommodation. However, the beaches offer absolute privacy and an impressive environment, where you can relax and have a nice swim. Most of them are pebbled and have crystal blue water.