Walk around Chora: Faros

A walk around Chora: what to see and do

Andros Chora is a marvellous small town of genuine Greek hospitality, but a harmonious combination of Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and Cycladic style. Blending the modern with the historical Andros Town boasts a lot of sightseeing and several entertainment options.

A walk around Chora will take you through scenic narrow paved alleys, past old churches and stone mansions, to open marble squares and beautiful shops, cosy studios for accommodation and a plentiful of taverns and cafe-bars. Here are our suggestions for what to see and do in Chora.

Visit Modern Art Museum

Walk around Chora: Modern Art Museum

One of the highlights of Andros town is the Modern Art Museum, established in 1979 by the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation. This is a world renowned museum with a permanent art collection of the celebrated sculptor M.Tombros, who originated from Andros island.

Apart from the permanent exhibits, the Modern Art Museum hosts a different exhibition of various renowned international artists every summer. So far the museum has showcased works of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Chagall, Balthaus, Toulouse Lautrec and many other famous modern artists.

See the view from Square of Unknown Sailor

Walk around Chora: Statue of the Unknown Sailor

The charming Chora of Andros is famous for its lovely, marble open squares, dotted all around it. Situated at the tip of the promontory, the paved square of Korai with the imposing statue of the Unknown Sailor, sculpted by M.Tompros, offers visitors an exceptional view to the rest of the town.

Take a walk around Chora and reach this amazing place to admire the magnificent Venetian stone bridge, which connects the town with the Castle ruins, and visit the interesting Maritime Museum of Andros, housed in a picturesque Neoclassical mansion. This museum, founded in 1972, exhibits the naval history of the people of Andros with original documents, photographs and other display items, such as ship models.

Walk along the beach promenade

Walk around Chora: Faros

The beach promenade is a wonderful place for a walk around Chora, as it offers magnificent views to the exotic blue sea and many sights along the way. The most important is the famous Tourlitis Lighthouse of Andros, located on top of a grand rock opposite the Venetian Castle. Considered the most traditional naval monument in Andros, the lighthouse was first built in 1887 and, in more recent years, was restored. Its architecture is indeed special and its height reaches the 7metres.

Have a lounge drink

In the evening, walk around Chora and enjoy a leisurely drink. In the broad marble main street of Andros Town there are many open squares with lovely cafeterias and nice bars, serving drinks and cocktails. Several cozy bars are also found in the inner streets of Chora. The atmosphere, though welcoming, is lounge and romantic.